Indıgo Group

Our Story

Indigo Group began its business operations in 1992 with its Indigo Gallery carpet store. Indigo Gallery focused exclusively on antique carpet collections, and among its many famous customers were celebrities like Prince Charles and the Hollywood star Harvey Keitel. Specializing in antique Anatolian and Caucasian carpet collections, Indigo Gallery continues to be one of the leading carpet stores in Turkey. 

In 1998, Indigo Group entered the luxury travel tourism sector with Matiana Travel, a travel agency that organized Cappadocia’s first private tours. Initially a Cappadocia-based agency, Matiana Travel has been headquartered in Istanbul since 2004. Matiana Travel is one of the pioneers in its field in terms of its top-quality standards and service principles and is a go-to travel planner for executive guests who want to travel to Turkey.

Cappadocia Balloon, the first balloon company in Cappadocia, also proudly carries the Indigo Group signature.

Operating since 2002, Museum Hotel is one of the most important projects of our company and was the first luxury hotel investment in the Cappadocia region. As the only Relais & Châteaux hotel member in Turkey, Museum Hotel is one of the most luxurious boutique hotels and with the highest brand value in Turkey, and has been awarded numerous international awards, including the “Best Luxury Boutique Hotel in Europe” and the “Best Hotel Architecture of Europe.” Located within Museum Hotel, Lil’a Restaurant is at the forefront of Cappadocia's most important fine-dining restaurant investments. 

In addition, with White Table by Museum Hotel and Maara Konak by Museum Hotel, sub-brands of Museum Hotel, top quality service is provided for exclusive activities, weddings, and catering in the Cappadocia region.

In 2007, with the Cross Golf Cappadocia Cross Golf Cappadocia project, Turkey's first and only Cross Golf playground was created by Indigo Group in Cappadocia. With Cross Golf, which is a 100% environment-friendly game, Cappadocia has become the first and only UNESCO-protected region in the world allowing golf.

In 2010, with Boutique Style Travel, the most important travel company was launched for luxury international tours in Turkey. Boutique Style, based in Istanbul, specializes in personalized programs and is unique in Turkey with its style and service quality.

On approximately 400 acres of land, Indigo Group has been providing the best examples of ecological and responsible agriculture in the Cappadocia region under the brand of Indigo Agriculture (Responsible Farming) since 2007. A wide range of products, such as grapes, almonds, walnuts, and strawberries, are produced using the most natural conditions.

Since 2008, significant progress has been made in the geothermal sector with Indigo Geothermal. Focusing on the previously unexplored Cappadocia region and its immediate surroundings, Indigo Geothermal has revealed that this region is one of the most important potential geothermal energy basins in the country. In the near future, investments will be made in the areas of electricity generation, luxury thermal tourism, and greenhouses. In addition, an important carbon dioxide (CO2) reserve of 99.85% purity has been discovered and investment studies are continuing with INDICO2

In addition to all these works, Indigo Group also carries out Hydrocarbon (Petroleum and Natural Gas) exploration studies based on the Petroleum exploration licenses it has in the Nevşehir region as of 2020.